Investment Consultancy - Alhind Fin

We are financial consultants to at least 1200 customers at abroad and India with ample showcase of investment options. Our own projects and merchandise in real estate, construction & travel field itself is a place to harvest high returns for investments. Our new venture in middle east and other states in India can be utilised by our clients to enjoy high returns.

Home Care Division - Alhind care

This department helps you to repair and maintain the apartments and villas once you buy it. All services are just a call away for your convenience. Electricity/Phone bills and Taxes may be paid through us for those who stay away. Letting and leasing also can be done through us. All these services are carried out with nominal service charges.

Alhind Interior

Kitchen Interior

Kitchens… The heart of the house needs special attention and care while designing and execution. Alhind builders has its own interior decoration unit to serve you to avail the best, economically.

Living and Dining

The maximum aesthetics is generally displayed at this element of house where we can help you to furnish with best available furniture.

Bed Rooms

Bed room may be ergonomically designed to suite your style and passion with our design team.

Office Interior

Our interior designers have executed many offices, showrooms and exterior elevation for major projects in Kerala.